7 Tips on How to Buy a Condominium Unit in Davao

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Category: Davao Real Estate Property Posted: Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Davao Condominium unit

To purchase a condominium unit, one must consider numerous factors. In fact, these factors will help you in choosing the best condominium unit and lifetime comforts. So, hereunder are the seven tips that would be helpful in your decision-making.

1. Location

Paramount of the above mentioned consideration is the location. Location usually reflects property price. The location of your chosen condominium unit should be accessible to important establishments like banks, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, restaurants and other places.

2. Parking area

Parking area is included in the lists. It is necessary to have a huge space but at least enough for the use of the residents. A condominium property should have wide parking space suited for the need of each resident.

3. Peaceful environment

Noise is a part of living. Wherever you live, you can’t get away from it. Residing in a condominium doesn’t mean that you are free from noise. So, choose a condominium unit that is far away from any disturbances. This of course, helps you to have a peace of mind.

4. Background of the property developer

The background of the developer is an important aspect in choosing a condominium. There are previous cases that condominium developers ran out of money and unable to continue financing the building construction. And it would be very hard to get your money back. A good condominium developer must be committed to work with the condo owners for proper condo management like installation of effective security measures and proper maintenance of the building.

5. Amenities

The price of a condo unit depends upon the amenities provided. An ideal condo unit must have amenities like swimming pool, children’s playground, gym, function rooms and the like.

6. Association Dues

Of course living in a condo means paying additional expenses which refers to the association dues. This monthly payment goes to the compensation of the security guards, maintenance, janitor, electricity, watering plants and swimming pool and many others.

7. Population density

The population density is the number of occupants per area of the building space available. In a condominium, this translates to the number of residents sharing the swimming pool, gym, playground, function rooms, parking space and other amenities.

I hope the tips that I have mentioned gave you more ideas on what to look for in a condominium unit.

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