Aboitiz Pushes Coal-fired Power Plant in Davao

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Category: Davao News Posted: Saturday, February 26th, 2011

power plant

A power plant

Aboitiz Power Corp. is pushing for the establishment of a coal-fired power plant in Davao City as it sees a coal plant as the best source of electricity when it comes to reliability, affordability and safety.

Aboitiz has decided look for new energy source after realizing that hydropower plants is vulnerable to weather conditions. The company further believes that the project will definitely help lessen the dependence to hydroelectric power and stabilize the power requirements of Davao Region.

Aboitiz states that it would take three to four years to build a power plant and will require an investment worth $500 million. The company intends to use new technologies to assure the people in Davao for a cleaner and more efficient coal fuel generation.

Aboitiz Power also owns several hydroelectric plants in Mindanao including the barge-mounted floating power plant in Davao del Norte. It will also push through with the expansion program for Steag State Power in Misamis Oriental this year. Aside from Davao, the company is also going to build a coal-fired power plant in Subic.

The proposed power plant in Davao will have a capacity of 300 MW higher than the originally targeted at 150 MW.

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12 Responses to “Aboitiz Pushes Coal-fired Power Plant in Davao”

  1. Bugsy Says:

    I personally support this power plant project. This will help us avoid having brownouts in the future. Kudos!

  2. Mera G. Says:

    Although we need a new power plant in Davao, I hope that this will not affect the environment. I believe the government must look for other options. Maybe a nuclear one. 😀

  3. Romelyn B. Says:

    This sounds GOOD. but, how can we be sure that this would be of more advantage to the people and not a destruction to the environment which will eventually affect all of us?

  4. Faceless Dalangin Says:

    How about the environment?
    Can you assure us that there will no bad effects in our environment if that power plant which is being proposed will be approved?

  5. 1behindbars Says:

    Why are the residents in Toril against the proposal?

    1. Greenhouse gasses emission which will contribute to global warming

    2. Bad effects to people’s health

    3. Bad effects to environment (global warming)

    4. Destructing nature in short

    Why it has been approved?


    1. Excess in demand means an increase in price
    2. More supply less price
    3. due to global warming, solar energy is very excellent source of electricity
    4. Windmills are excellent source electricity

    Excess in demand means an increase in price. More supply less price due to global warming. Solar energy is very excellent source of electricity. Windmills are excellent source of electricity. You might get it already. When they use the alternative sources, there would be more supply of electricity. Thus, price will go down. If you open your eyes and see it clearly. It’s all business and business and business. Even it would harm health, people, environment, our mother earth, they would still go for it because they only think of themselves.

  6. Philcon Says:

    There is really nothing bad about the coal-fired power plant. It’s actually a CLEAN COAL-FIRED POWER PLANT.

    Before coming to Davao, I have worked (as Project HR Specialist in the organization of HRD of the power plant) with the coal-fired power plant in Cebu at 246 MW (3 units). Yes, its true that protesters (very minimal) have been there before the power plant was built but when it was there, you see none!

    Our employees who have worked there for years are the leaving legends that it is not that bad to one’s health like everyone against it believed to…The local residents as well are also proofs that it is not bad, in fact, the power plant is built at the heart of the city.

    Like that of the picture above, the smoke stock releases a clean smoke, in fact, at day, it is hardly visible. We may see coal as dark and dirty but it is not only the one being use to feed the furnace in producing the energy but additives such as liquefied lime, I believe is also used to make it clean.

    Desalination plant is also being use in the power plant, that is why such plant should be established near at sea, for its water supply purpose and for the coal barge that delivers coal. But as I said, in the existing power plant where I used to work, you can see locals go fishing and swimming just around the corner of the plant as it does not really contribute to water pollution. Since the plant occupies a very large area, we have a small river in between the old and new plant and you can see the waters flowing in crystal clear colors..

    For the benefit of the doubt that it might really be bad to health and environment, why is it the town where the plant have been establish for years have not been damage and the employees and locals are still fit?

    Not also discounting the fact that it can offer employment especially to mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and other support positions in the corporate and operation fields.

    Progress have always been a part in one’s life and in every development there is always what we call “a sacrifice and gracia”…or an advantage and disadvantage…people are people..when there is no progress or solution being done in the problem for lacking energy, people murmur..when a solution is being done, still murmur… Maybe, it’s better to weight things before let our prejudice override . . . and say based on facts.

  7. joshua batman Says:

    There is no such thing as “Clean Coal”. It’s really not good for our health, our aching environment and to all Dabawenyos….

  8. pogiboi Says:

    Windmill pala ilagay nila sa mount apo, clean pa!

  9. Eco Says:

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/14/power-plant-air-pollution-coal-kills_n_833385.html basahin nyo yan about sa nangyayari sa labas… mas ok pa solar or wind , tide, napaka risky nyan…. ay nako… yung blog na yan nagsasabi halos 13000 daw namamatay every year dun. kc mas grabe sa nuclear radiation ang ashes nyan…

  10. GERRY Says:

    To all the people of Davao:

    Go for the coal fired power plant project. It gives benefit to us here in Davao. First is that it gives employment opportunity. Second, additional income revenue for the city and third is that it brings enough supply of electricity in the region.

  11. rotchie Says:

    It helps!

  12. Albert Says:

    MASAMANG gumanti ang KALIKASAN.

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