Aboitiz to Use Seawater for Coal Power Plant

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Category: Davao News Posted: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

The Aboitiz Power Corp. is seriously considering the use of seawater as a requirement for its proposed coal-fired power plant in Davao. The company is studying all means to ensure the plant will not create any inconvenience to the people. Instead of using fresh water, the proposed coal-fired power plant will be utilizing desalinated water.

The proposed facility will take seawater and discharge it at high pressure. The desalinated water will complement the water requirement to run the power plant without seriously affecting the fresh water sources in the area.

Aboitiz Power Corp. Vice President Bobby Orig stresses the need for the power plant considering fast economic growth of Davao. Davao has the biggest power consumption in the entire Mindanao. It is expected that the power deficit to reach as high as 484-MW by 2014 and an efficient power supply is a must to meet this growing demand.

Aboitiz Power Corp. is one of the Philippines biggest investor of renewable energy resources. The company operates several hydro power plants including the two run-of-river hydropower generating facilities 42.5MW in Santa Cruz, Davao del Sur.

9 Responses to “Aboitiz to Use Seawater for Coal Power Plant”

  1. Romelyn B. Says:

    Aboitiz is already operating with it’s existing power plants. my questions are; why do they have to create another power plant? why not utilize the ones that were being used? My questions only aim to extract the practicability of this proposed project. I would be glad to anticipate your response. Thank you

  2. Franiel Dohn Book Says:

    Do you have enough basis or facts that will support your proposition?
    Actually I agree with your proposition that is why I join a debate regarding with this power plant.
    I am in the affirmative side and in my side i want that this proposition will be approve.
    This debate will make the public be aware on what is power plant all about since it will be broadcast on radio.
    Can you give me any information to help me with my debate?

  3. Reen Says:

    I was just wondering if Aboitiz is also open to build a solar power plant in Davao. I guess this is better compared to a coal-fired plant. I heard Cagayan de Oro has one.

  4. admin Says:


    Yes, you’re right. CDO has one.

  5. Jerome Compitente Says:

    Stop complaining please. We will soon feel the effects of power crises. Those ignorant in power generation will find it easy to complain. So stop your “blah-blah’s” and you really don’t know what you are talking about.=)

  6. joshua batman Says:

    We do not have power crisis in Davao…if we have power crisis…it’s man made…use renewable energy instead…

  7. Tom Says:

    I’m an engineering student and my professor who is an expert in this issue actually told us that power crisis is really happening and yung mga natural sources of power won’t be enough to sustain our city’s growth. Also, yung Solar Plant is very very expensive so, it’s not practical.

  8. blogger Says:

    I am from the Power Sector yet not from Aboitiz.
    To Romel B. – their power plants are in small capacities varies from 2MW-40MW.. we are having problems of about 500MW in Mindanao.

    To Reen – Even other companies are willing to build Solar Power, why not? Did you wonder why not so many proposes for it? Very expensive. It is all business. More expensive means higher rates less profit. Right, CDO has one. Yet why does CDO continues building another? Because of the cost.

    Joshua Batman – Power crisis, man-made? you are just speculating. No companies will do brown-outs as brownouts means less profit.. Why there are brown-outs if there is enough capacity? Answer – we are short of capacity. Ask DOE, ask private utilities, ask electric coops. DOE has presented it to the people, that we have a looming power crisis and it is coming..it was published on the newspapers.

  9. jeremy fulgar Says:

    Too bad its all about business! investing 25b for the “forthcoming” power shortage in Davao. Good for the investors and “interested parties” who can live comfortably anywhere away from ruins and hazards in progress(as it operates) of a coal power plant and an end to a frontier of an eco-friendly society.

    Davao does not have the industry and the economy the coal power plant is forecasting to support just yet ( do u agree?), Aboitiz is capturing the future growth with an exclusive contract to build such plant instead of proposing to supply the actual short term power requirements of the city.instead of bringing-in such dirty and hazardous (coal is equally radioactive) power source they should build power plants from renewable source which can meet the requirements of the household requirements thus giving relief to industries which need greater power.

    While the whole world worries about climate change due to global warming, the global community is again laughing their butt off as they witness public and private sectors form partnership to destroy our city , the eco-friendly frontier in the region.

    Totally irresponsible and insensitive character of people in power. Aboitiz has operated and monopolized power generation in Davao for decades. Overtime it amassed wealth in dominating the power industry, why not contribute to global need for renewable energy instead of hazardous ones. Davao or the country for that matter is so small we can not afford risking catastrophic consequences.

    Davao del sur is building solar power, why can’t Aboitiz build many of it? it becomes unwise business-like to operate solar power not because its not profitable but because at present technology the profit margin is not as much, and that is where the problem lies. Power companies want as much margin as wide as heaven and earth.

    I believe it is only a matter of time, Davao voices will come out and speak their heart out against unfriendly power generation. Davao councils’ decision may not necessarily speak for the welfare of the people but for their own personal interest first and foremost, specially considering the amount of investment.


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