Abreeza Mall to Open on May 2011

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Category: Business Posted: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Abreeza Davao

Abreeza Mall Davao

The much anticipated opening of Abreeza Mall is scheduled next year. Abreeza is a mixed-use development project of Ayala Land Incorporated and Anflo Management and Investment Corp. It will feature a shopping mall, hotel, residential and commercial lots and office space dedicated to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) investments. The target opening date is on the first half of 2011.

The mall is located in a sprawling 10-hectare lot along JP Laurel Avenue in Bajada. As of February this year, the mall is almost leased out and set to accommodate more than 300 merchants when completed. This project is considered as one of the biggest single investments that pour in the city Davao.

The term Abreeza was derived from the Italian word “abbraccio” which mean embrace and English word “breeze”.

Last February 18, 2010 was the pre-launching of the mall for its future merchants. The event was attended by Anflocor Group, Robinsons Retail Group, Starbucks executives and many others.

The mall will feature first time comers. Among the possible shops that will first open their branch in Davao through Abreeza Mall are Bread Talk, TGIF for food, XOXO, Café Laguna, New York 101, Lucerne, Lemon Grass and Starbucks. The mall will also feature shops that will showcase the best in Davao.

The first phase of the mall project is expected to be completed in the second quarter of next year with 35,000 square meters gross leasable area (GLA), while the second phase is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2011 with a gross leasable area (GLA) of 26,000 square meters.

In the same development, Gokongwei-owned Robinsons will infuse an investment worth Php 800 million to open a separate four-storey commercial building inside the 10-hectare property.

This development project is foreseen to boost economic growth of the Davao City and neighboring areas. The Abreeza project is certainly something to look forward to. Right now, construction works are in full swing to meet the target opening date.

61 Responses to “Abreeza Mall to Open on May 2011”

  1. maki Says:

    walay hiring sa abreeza??wen ang start hiring..im a graphic designer pkanning to apply..email me please…

  2. admin Says:

    I believe they are hiring but not sure for a designer position. Also, please take a look at http://www.jobs.davaodaily.com for Davao job vacancies.

    Thanks for dropping by… :)

  3. exequiel jr Says:

    good morning i’d like to inquire if there were job vacancies in abreeza. i’m a college graduate with bachelors degree in business administration… i prefer to be an office staff… hope you will email me if ever there is a vacant position that fits me… thanks

  4. jomolz Says:

    i hope prioritized davaoneos to work in abreeza.

  5. zeke Says:

    inquire lang po ako if meron job vacancy for an office staff… i’m a fresh graduate of business administration

  6. PGS,Inc. Says:

    saan po pwde mag submit ng proposal re: janitorial services or any allied services? mgsubmit po sana ako. tnx po

  7. admin Says:


    Thanks for the inquiry. Abreeza is a project of Ayala and Anflocor. Please inquire Anflocor using this telephone number 235-2146. Maybe they can help you.


  8. Dellie C. Mendez Says:

    Can I apply for a position of Admin Personnel. Please email me so that I can send my application asap. many thanks…

  9. Julius Arvin Madriga Says:

    Gud Day!
    Do you have job opening in abreeza particularly in BPO? pls. reply…..

  10. andy ferraren Says:

    Can I apply for a position of head stock clerk in warehouse department. Please email me for more info about my background. Thanks.

  11. geraldine Says:

    good day. please email me of your hiring. thanks. looking forward to work with your company.

  12. Rodrigo Mateo Says:

    Thanks for the management of Robinson, at least di na ako punta pa ng manila or Cebu. gud luck and more power.

  13. ROLAND T. SUICO Says:

    May I know as to where I could possibly submit an application for any managerial/supervisory position available for the opening of Abreeza Mall?

    Thank you.

  14. April Says:

    I am a human resource student and hopefully will graduate this march, I am interested to apply as an hr staff or other related position. I hope that the Abreeza management will cater fresh graduates like me.

    Thank you so much….

  15. icefreak M. Marino Says:

    Hi guys, there will be jobfair for abreeza at Almendras Gym this coming Jabuary 25-26, 2011, the coming jobfair is for the merchants who will occupy the abreeza mall, especially for Robinsons, Starbucks, etc. sorry guys only 2 merchants that i have known so far, and this jobfair will sponsored by ACCENDO Commercial Corporation… hope this is a good news to everyone….

  16. admin Says:

    Hi Icefreak!

    I sent you an email. Could you please check? Thanks!

  17. ann Says:

    WHEN: JANUARY 25 to 26, 2011

  18. Christine Says:

    Can we send our application through email? Thanks

  19. mayan Says:

    Hi, may mga call centers ba sa Abreeza? Will they be joining this coming jobs fair? pls reply.

  20. admin Says:


    Based on the list of companies that will participate in the job fair, there is no call center company. But I believe Abreeza will be having call centers soon because the mall has a BPO component. I will keep you posted. :)

    Here is the list of companies:

  21. admin Says:

    Currently have no email addresses for the mall tenants. Please join the job fair on Jan 25-26 at Almendras Gym. Please see http://davaodaily.com/abreeza-mall-davao-job-fair-on-january-25-26/

  22. mayan Says:

    thanks.. appreciate the reply.. is there any age limit for applicants? in any positions..

  23. Jimuel Pescador Says:

    Can we send our resume through E-mail? Reply please. Thanks

  24. Stephanie Says:

    Thats a good news…I hope na dabanyos ang maprioritize…

    I’m willing to work there…pls email me..

  25. Bernadeth S. Andales Says:

    Good day… When will be your next hiring ? I am interested to apply in your good company as an office staff..

  26. Nathan Says:

    Any update as to which call center will open at Abreeza? Convergys? NCO?

  27. Heide Says:

    Hi, Just wanna ask if you have any contact directory of the companies that participated last jan 25-26 jobfair held at th Almendras Gym.. Im one of the applicants, but sadly haven’t been interviewed because of so many applicants and with the limited time given. Just to follow-up regarding my application. If you do so, please Email me. Thanks.

  28. Dremma Says:

    di na po ba kau hiring?

  29. janet Says:

    any available position in your company?



  31. Beach boy Says:

    Excited na me sa opening sa Abreeza. Soft opening lang ba sa May?

  32. ace Says:

    This is awesome. I missed some of the stores and can’t wait to see them in Davao. For starbucks- will it open for 24 hours?

  33. admin Says:

    Hello Heide,

    Please see http://davaodaily.com/abreeza-mall-davao-job-fair-on-january-25-26/

    Thanks for visiting…. :)

  34. Jackelyn Azarias Says:

    hello. I wanted to asked if you are still offering a job for fresh graduates. I took up four year course, Bachelors in Science major in Business Management from Ateneo de Davao University. please consider replying to this message..thank you

  35. Rhea Says:

    Hi admin,

    The link you posted was for the jobfair on jan.25-26. Do you have any upcoming jobfairs? The january25-26? That was 2 months ago..;-(

  36. Anthony Says:

    Hi good day…
    Hiring po ba ng mga promo ang abrezza sa ngayon? Thanks

  37. cez Says:

    Hey!…I need a job…I am interested to apply at Abreeezaaaaaa…help me find work….

  38. namz84 Says:

    Hi..Just wanted to know if there is agent of philsend.com located in Abreeza mall since i cant claim the money transfer in my place and the sender told me to pick up in Abreeza mall but I was doubtful since Abreeza mall in Davao still under construction..please help me…or somebody can help me…thanks

  39. admin Says:

    Hi Namz84,

    Yes you’re right. Abreeza Mall is still under construction but it is scheduled to open this coming May. Please see http://davaodaily.com/abreeza-mall-readies-for-opening/. I tried to search philsend on google but their website is still under construction (http://www.philsend.com). My suggestion to you is ask the sender to be specific on the location.

    Thanks for dropping by…


  40. jami Says:

    Any updates on the names of BPO companies to be established in Abreeza?

  41. admin Says:

    Hi, No update at the moment. Will keep you posted. Thanks for visiting…

  42. jacky claine ponte Says:

    I would like to inquire about the requirements needed if we want to put up a store in abreeza, also any contact numbers or address of the office where we can inquire about this matter. thank you :)

  43. admin Says:

    Hi, sent you a response email. Thanks!

  44. CCP Says:


    We are hiring! We will be needing branch managers, sales supervisors and frontliners for our boutique in Abreeza mall! Please email your resume to carole.swimphils@gmail.com


  45. Andkon Says:

    I can’t wait to see the interior design of Abreeza. This is the biggest mall in Davao ever built. Hope to see more update in this site about Abreeza and it’s final grand opening!

  46. Fragrance Store Says:

    We are hiring fragrance consultants, supervisor and boutique manager for our retail fragrance store in Abreeza Mall, the first in the Philippines. Hurry and be one of our pioneers! Please email your resume to geline@scentandbeaute.com

  47. Paulo Dionisio Says:

    May seven eleven ba sa Abreeza? lOl

  48. kenneth Says:

    The Abreeza mall is so wide and there so many shops to choose from. We have been in Paris Hilton store, XOXO, Free Way, Bench, Fullybooked…hndi dapat makalimutan STARBUCKS …hahahahhaa :) ))

  49. Angie Says:

    Wow, hope to visit your mall when I get back to Davao next year.

  50. jane miller Says:

    Pagbutang mo ug pictures para makita namo ang Abreeza mall…

  51. Miniclip Says:

    Wow.. Davao is now no.1 city in the Philippines? is Davao livable? I don’t think so if ever lots of infrastructure will soon to be developed! God bless DAVAO!

  52. Sol Says:

    Burger King will be available in Abreeza mall? Pls reply asap tnx

  53. NeatGifts Says:

    After moving to Davao City a few years ago, I missed American products but now it is clear that everything American will soon be here in the Philippines. Every time my wife and I go to the supermarket we see another product from America. The problem we are having is because I am from America I am use to assuming American products and companies would have the same products here in the Philippines as in the US. The reality is not so. McDonalds is not one of my favorite fast food joints here or in America but still (in America) McDonalds taste better than here. The bread is better, the meat is better, the service is bet… I may be going too far now.
    I have run into the same problem with other brand name products in grocery stores as well. Packaging looks the same but doesn’t taste the same. When you read the fine print you can see it really comes from Indonesia or China.

    I was a little disappointed after visiting Starbucks yesterday afternoon. I was really hopeful when I saw a bagel (which I haven’t seen anywhere here in the Philippines as of yet) only to find out it was only wheat bread. Then I saw an apple fritter. Oh joy! At least until it turned out to be old and they heated both bagel and fritter without asking me. Apple fritters get hard when you heat them. Often times these products look like the real thing only to be made out of traditional Philippine style.

    The real reason for going to a coffee shop is the coffee. Wouldn’t you know it? Taste nothing like Starbucks in the US. Probably due to preparation but non the less I was all around disappointed after spending about $8 (about P400).

    I am happy to see at least the ideal of American products but hopefully one day it will be the real thing.

    I must add. I am still excited to see a world class mall in Davao City, especially one that doesn’t turn the music up so loud you can’t hear the person next to you talking.

    It is indeed a beautiful mall. Too bad the outside view isn’t as beautiful.

  54. Tinkie Winkie Says:

    uber2 naman ang post anang NeatGifts uie… balik nlng xa america eh if ana man lang d i..awts..hehehe..dva???hmmp

  55. Cham Says:

    Alveo is currently hiring Property Investment Consultants and Sales Managers for Abreeza. Interested candidates may send their resumes to tengasantos.cham@alveoland.com.ph or alveorecruitment11@gmail.com

  56. admin Says:

    For complete job details, please see http://jobs.davaodaily.com/property-specialist-and-sales-manager-for-alveo-land/

  57. serge catotal Says:

    Are you aware also of Importation Law? The reason why you see China/Malaysian made products is because of that importation law… you cannot directly import products from the states without duty or large amount of taxes that is under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade or (GATT).

  58. Y8 Says:

    Ang ganda niya ang daming stores na wala sa ibang malls overall ang thumbs up at ang class ng dating pati mga designs…hehehehe:-)

  59. Starfall Says:

    Abreeza Mall is Big. The outside look is not pretty but the inside look is nice. Many new stores to shop specially clothes and gadgets but the downside were the Supermarket/Grocery store (lack of stocks, the space is way too small, products were not categorized well), no Mattresses in the Department store. overall rate 6/10.

  60. Dannylo Says:

    Davao ranks 3rd in the Philippines. Cebu at 2nd and Manila is 1st.

  61. Bernz Says:

    It’s something to be proud of for us who came from Mindanao.
    It’s another sign that Davao is continouesly soaring high.

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