Davao Black Taxis Promote Tourism

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Category: Davao Feautures Posted: Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Davao black taxi

A Davao black taxi with tourism photos.

Riding a taxi is more fun in Davao City as Mabuhay Company recently launched its fleet of black taxis featuring the different tourism destinations of Davao Region.

Among the tourist attraction featured include the Kadayawan Festival, Philippine Eagle, Mt. Apo, durian, Aliwagwag Falls, Monfort Cave bats in Samal and many other regional tourism spots.

The black taxis are the latest addition to different colored taxis roaming around the streets of Davao. They are sleek, elegant and high-tech.

These taxis accept payments using ATM cards which is touted be the very first of their kind anywhere in the Philippines. The cabs come with wireless ATM card payment terminals like those found in supermarket checkout counters.

It is also equipped with Global Positioning System Terminals for tracking and efficient dispatch and has an emergency button that will automatically inform cab’s location.

The debut of this new taxis will certainly bring comfort to the riding public and will help attract more tourists to Davao City.

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3 Responses to “Davao Black Taxis Promote Tourism”

  1. Chacha Says:

    This is clever way of promoting tourism. Hope other private companies will do the same.

    Taxi designs. More fun in the Philippines.

  2. Patrick Says:


    Have you seen the latest tourism ads by the Department of Tourism? The ad promotes Davao and show Mt. Apo as the backdrop. It is really nice! It has been aired on CNN. Great!

  3. Patrick Says:

    Well, in fairness to the Davao Black Taxi, they are the only taxi fleet I know in the Philippines that promotes tourism. Good job and keep it up!

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