Davao City Initiates Anti-spitting Ordinance

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Category: Davao News Posted: Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Davao City

Photo taken in a public park in Davao

Spit just anywhere in the city and land in jail! Well, this is a possible scenario as the anti-spitting ordinance is now taking effect in Davao City.

Spitting in public places is now strictly prohibited in Davao City and this is in connection with the implementation of the Davao City anti-spitting ordinance. This ordinance is envisioned to decrease the alarming rate of Tuberculosis cases in Davao. Spitting is obviously one of the ways in the transmission of this disease which is said to be airborne, contagious and fatal. The Davao City Health Office is the primary body to implement the information dissemination of this campaign.

Davao has been known for its strict and effective implementation on its ordinances. The city implements landmark ordinances that capture attention not only in the Philippines but also abroad. Among these are firecracker ban and anti-smoking ordinance.

What is Anti-spitting Ordinance all about?

For the benefits of the people of Davao City and for those who are planning to visit Davao, here are some information that can help you avoid violating the said law.

This ordinance forbids spitting of saliva, mucus and phlegm to any public places like sidewalks, parks, malls, markets, streets, alleys, buildings, banks, schools, hospitals, churches and the like within the vicinity of Davao City.

Any violation of the anti-spitting ordinance will be penalized by a fine of Php 100 for the first offense; Php 200 for the second offense; and for the third offense will be Php 300 or a subsidiary imprisonment not exceeding six months.

It is noted that Davao City is the first city in the Philippines that implement this kind of ordinance.

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