Davao City Plans Waste-to-energy Facility

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Category: Davao News Posted: Sunday, August 28th, 2011

The Davao City Government is seriously considering a waste-to-energy technology as a solution to reduce solid wastes and to extend the life span of city’s sanitary landfill.

The City Government is now negotiating with potential investors willing to invest and will provide waste-to-green-energy technology and expertise. A German investor has already signified its interest to invest for such project in Davao.

Another investor is also considering investing in Davao power sector using waste-to-energy technology. A waste-to-energy facility will use trapped methane gas at the sanitary landfill. The facility will convert methane into electricity.

Mayor Sarah Duterte has already submitted a letter to the City Council to give her the authority to enter into contracts with the said investors.

Davao City has started implementing waste segregation ordinance on July 1 this year which greatly reduced the garbage problem of the city.

Once the project will push through, this will help reduce solid wastes and create more jobs.

5 Responses to “Davao City Plans Waste-to-energy Facility”

  1. Hernan Says:

    This is good. We really need this kind of investment. We need to reduce waste and promote renewable energy projects.


    I am wondering what’s the status of the proposed solar power plant project in Davao. Any update on that?

  2. Android 17 Says:

    We badly need investment in the power sector. Right now, we only see Aboitiz. Hope, other investors like San Miguel will go into power generation projects in the city.

    Well, for the proposed solar power project. It is something to look forward to since solar project investments entails a huge amount of money and space of land. So, this is going to be a huge investment once materialized.

  3. Alcon Says:

    In the news, it says that our mayor is interested for the waste-to-energy proposal of Herhof, a German firm. Basically, it will convert the city waste into electricity and has the ability to separate waste into recyclable and reusable materials. It can generate 10 to 12 megawatts of power. The project cost is about $1 billion. This is such an interesting project for Davao!

  4. Aaron Says:

    By utilizing methane gas generated by the Davao sanitary landfill, we can produce power. This project will reduce the landfill’s methane emissions. The project will also make the life span of landfill longer.

    Plus, it will also create more job opportunities.

    This is going to be a win-win solution for our city’s garbage problem.

  5. Au tour Says:

    Guys, I heard that Herhof, a German company is proposing a waste-to-energy project in Davao. Sana this project will push through. This is big investment. Imagine 1 Billion dollar ang involve.

    Plus, the Carmen Landfill will be coverted to an eco park.

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