Davao Sports Expo Schedule of Activities

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Category: Events Posted: Friday, May 18th, 2012

Day 1, May 16

10:30am Opening of Sports Expo & Awarding of Certificates to SWEAT Sports Conference participants
11:00am Press Conference
2:00pm Meet and Greet with Rugby Demonstration with Head Coach Expo Mejia and members of the Philippine Rugby Team, Volcanoes
4:00pm AMA Presentation
5:00pm Meet and Greet with Mixed Martial Arts/URCC Demonstration with URCC founder, Alvin Aguilar

Day 2, May 17: Fitness Day

10:00am Press Conference for various events of the Davao Summer Games (i-Speak: Expo Edition)
3:00pm Tchoukball Presentation
4:00pm Smashville Fitness Center Demonstration
5:00pm Holiday Gym and Spa Demonstration

Day 3, May 18: Outdoor Day

11:00am Deca Wakeboard Presentation
1:00pm Speleo Caving Presentation
3:00pm Edge Outdoor Presentation: Sport Climbing, Rock Climbing, All-Terrain Vehicle, Advanced Mountaineering
5:00pm Holiday Gym and Spa: Zumba Party
6:00pm Smashville Fitness Center Demonstration

Day 4, May 19: Martial Arts Day

1:00pm Davao Aikido Team Presentation
2:00pm Judo Presentation
3:00pm Mandirigmang Kaliragman Presentation
5:00pm Muay Thai Presentation
6:00pm Bushido Presentation

Day 5, May 20

1:00pm TRIAD Presentation
2:00pm Photography Lecture on Outdoor, Landscape, Underwater, Sports
6:00pm Smashville Fitness Center Demonstration

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