Davao to launch New Tourism Brand

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Category: Davao Tourism Posted: Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Davao City is set to launch a new tourism brand and logo this August. This move is expected to create a more positive brand for the tourism industry of Davao. The launching will be held at Grand Men Seng Hotel on September 21, 2011.

The new Davao tourism brand aims to encourage more tourists to come to Davao. Last year, Davao City ranked sixth among Philippine tourist destinations, with more than 300,000 visitors.

After coming up with a new brand, the city is set to launch more aggressive campaigns like having a new television commercial and launching of a new tourism website. The new brand basically talks about how Davao life is.

Davao is at the threshold of continued tourism growth with increasing number of both domestic and international visitors. There are new hotels and other facilities being built to cater the growing demand of tourists.

In the same development, an Infoboard, a web-based messaging solution was launched to further promote local tourism last August. The city also introduced Davao punch, a non-alcoholic drink with a combination of pomelo, guava and calamansi juices which has become an attraction among visitors.

The city tourism officials are hoping that the new Davao tourism brand and logo will get positive feedbacks after the presentation.

3 Responses to “Davao to launch New Tourism Brand”

  1. Ian Says:

    Davao is really great not just because of the sea facing on it but because of the places surrounding Davao City. It’s less chaotic than Manila. Even though it’s starting getting bad due to bad maintenance of streets and lack of road expansion projects. It would be great if Davao becomes Green, that makes the city more special. What I really like most are the buildings. The sea shore line is is great and I hope the government can do some improvements. This can bring lots of tourists in Davao.

  2. Jee Ann Says:

    Our city tourism should create an attractive tourism brand. A good branding promotes tourism and tourism has the potential to stimulate sustainable urban development for Davao.

    In tourism branding, the more important thing is the participation of the people of the city. We, the Davao residents is the most direct contact between the city and the tourists.

    If we have a strong tourism brand is and is recognized by the majority of Davaoeños then we can establish brand awareness and practice in it in our daily work and life. In short, the branding should be felt. And this can directly affect the tourists’ experience during their stay in the city.

    The knowledge and wide dissemination of the tourism city brand in the society is very important. And this should be considered by our local tourism who are pushing for the new tourism brand.

  3. Terry Says:

    Well, I personally believe the city must have a strong tourism brand. Something that is unique, memorable and interesting.

    The brand should tell a strong message to the visitors. It could be adventure, nature and welcoming, etc.

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