Environmental Projects for Samal Island Sought

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Category: Davao Tourism Posted: Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Samal Island beach

A beautiful beach in Samal Island

With the growing tourism industry, the local government of Samal Island is considering environmental projects to sustain its growth. The city government is eyeing PhP 164 million pesos for the environmental projects in order to preserve the natural beauty of the island.

The Environmental User’s Fee (EUF) under City Ordinance No. 156, series of 2009 was created to realize such undertaking. The EUF or the so-called “Blue-Green Ticket” is a 5-peso charge collected upon entry in Samal Island. The fund will be used for the environmental sustainability program of the city government.

The city government of Samal needs at least PhP 91 million pesos for a sanitary landfill project, Php 1.5 million for the slaughter house, PhP 6.5 million for the coastal park, Php 11.5 million for the waste water treatment facility, 3.5 million for the Penaplata Park and PhP 50 million for a treatment facility.

Being part of the Davao gulf, Samal Island is considered one of the biodiversity areas in the Philippines. Fortunately, resort owners and business operators are willing to support on the implementation of these environmental projects which is a positive approach for the island’s tourism industry.

These environmental projects are very important to ensure the island is able to maintain and preserve its environment despite the growing number tourists and establishments.

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