Exciting Places to Visit in Davao

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Category: Davao Feautures Posted: Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
Pearl Farm Beach Resort Davao

Pearl Farm Beach Resort Davao

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is located in Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal. It fetures elegant guest rooms, suites and cottages on stilts above the sea. The rooms are inspired by Maranao and Samal ethnic influences and designed by the famous architect Francisco Manosa.

Included in the resort is Isla Malipano, a 9-hectare private island with crystal clear shoreline. Water skiing, sunbathe by the pool, diving, viewing sunken World War II Japanese vessels, relaxing on spa are just some of the things that visitors will surely enjoy. The Pearl Farm Beach Resort is equipped with complete amenities to cater every visitor’s needs.

Eden Nature Park and Resort

The Eden Nature Park and Resort is a sprawling 80-hectare reforested land that is perfect for the whole family. The place has been replanted by imported pines. Some areas of Eden Nature Park and Resort is planted with organic vegetables and rare flora.

This mountain resort has camp sites and cabin. The place is ideal for hiking and other outdoor adventures. It also features trails, unique rides and rare animals like peacocks, deers and talking birds.

Eden Nature Park Davao

Eden Nature Park Davao

The Paradise Beach Resort

The Paradise Beach Resort is situated in the Island of Samal. It is a 15-minute ride away from Davao via a motorized banca. There are rooms, picnic areas and a restaurant. One can enjoy different beach activities like kayaking, water biking, snorkeling and scuba diving. For kids, there is a zoo at the back of the resort that they can view.

Matina Town Square

The Matina Town Square features live music at night. It has a usual u-shaped structure where stalls of coffee bars, convenient stores, food corners and many more. Most of the audience are young crowd. The Matina Town Square has also been a favorite venue for many entertainment events like concerts.

Jack’s Ridge

The Jack’s Ridge offers breath-taking view of the city of Davao at night. It features life-size Japanese soldier statues. The Jack’s Ridge also become a favorite place especially among lovers.

Aldevinco Shopping Center

Located at the heart of Davao is a shopping center showcasing the different products of Mindanao. Native products like clothes,  brass cannon, gongs, batik, shirts and sarongs and other souvenir items are widely available.

The Venue

The Venue is definitely the best place to chill in Davao. It is more like a local Hard Rock Cafe version where great acoustic music, disco parties, concerts and other entertainment activities are held.


Damosa is situated in Lanang, a growing commercial center in the northern part of Davao. Damosa hosts restobars, coffee shops, convinient stores, a mini-market and food chains. Damosa also hosts Information Technology Park suited for IT-related investment. Damosa is truly a place where business and leisure meets.

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  1. I love Davao Says:

    We went to Davao last year, unfortunately we werent able to visit Pearl Farm, and briefly lang na nakapagtour sa Jack’s ridge .

  2. Nikka Meo Says:

    I have been to Paradise Island last year. All I can say is I love the place. Planning to visit again soon…

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