Featuring the Davao City Preferred Areas of Investments

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Category: Davao Feautures Posted: Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Tourism-One of the growing areas of investments in Davao

Davao has bested with many qualities to become a preferred area of investment. Among the qualities of Davao that make it an ideal place for investment are the low cost of doing business, quality of human resources, excellent transportation and  peace and order situation. Davao is the first local government to enact an investment incentive program.

The local government of Davao is very aggressive on formulating business-friendly policies that aims to encourage further investments and generate more job opportunities to the people. Among the fiscal incentives include exemption from Mayor’s permit fees, charges for three years and exemption from Basic Real Property Tax payment for two years and exemption from building fees. Existing business establishments can also avail the local government incentives if business owners are planning to expand and diversify their operations. The expansion must meet criteria of the local government’s preferred areas of investments.

Hereunder the preferred areas of investments in Davao City:

1. Agri-Business and Food Processing
2. Tourism and Recreational Facilities
3. Trans-shipment Facilities
4. Miscellaneous Light Manufacturing Activities
5. Property Development
6. Establishment of Foreign Bank Branches
7. Telecommunication
8. Environmental Enhancement and Protection Project
9. Medical, Educational, Training and Sports Facilities

Business process outsourcing has also been a growing industry in Davao. The city government has been urged to draw Information and Communication Technology Master Plan to increase the number of investments in the field of Business Process Outsourcing like call centers, animation, medical transcription and software development.

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  1. paterno s. padilla,jr. Says:

    The people of Davao are still waiting for how so many years now a complete sports facilities like stadium for Palarong Pambansa, sea games, coliseum for basketball and important events like concert, etc. I think nobody cares from our city gov’t. about this.

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