Island Garden City of Samal: An Island of Relaxation

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Category: Davao Feautures Posted: Friday, September 5th, 2008

Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) is situated 15 minutes travel by a motorized banca from Davao City. This tremendously beautiful island is a part of Davao del Norte. The City is comprised of three districts namely: Babak district, Peñaplata district and Kaputian district.

The place is blessed with natural endowment that each and every islanders should be proud of. Fertile soil that is rich in minerals are planted with different crops and tropical fruits. With the awesome beaches that surrounded the place, one is bewildered of it has been molded that beautifully. Countless beach resorts lined up and each offers affordable price and unique services for the customers. In particular, these beaches are in demand for tourists who are coming in and out of island. The crystal blue waters, white and very fine sands are within your reach. The scenario escapes you from stress and troublesome world. Thus, giving you comfort and relaxation.

Samal is inhabited by different tribes and yet grows as one. The island is said to be the best place to live. Aside from its affordable residential lots, the place is safe and peaceful environment. Hence, an ideal place to start a new and build dreams for your family.

Potable water is abundant, fresh and polluted free air is what makes the surroundings clean and breathless taking. Aside from its world-class beaches, you can hop and visit the bat cave located at Tambo, Babak District. You will  be amazed of this nocturnal animals with a population of more than 3.5 million. The best time to witness these creatures is from 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. where bats fled out from the caves and fly in vision to search for foods.

IGACOS remains a conducive place to live-in. low cost of living and apparently relaxed atmosphere. The tranquil climate enticed tourists to visit the place and even decided to live in this place for good. Foreigners who stay in Samal grow numbers annually. No wonder that they were captured by the alluring and unique beauty of Samal. The government is pursuing more projects to further develop the city’s income. Provide jobs an livelihood for needy residents of the island. Through the committed efforts of the City officials to achieve financial stability and economic progress, this dream is just a step ahead.

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