Island Garden City of Samal Launches “Visit Samal Island” Campaign

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Category: Davao Tourism Posted: Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Visit Samal Island logo

Visit Samal Island campaign logo

To attract more tourists to visit Island Garden City of Samal, tourism stakeholders in Samal launch a new and aggressive marketing campaign dubbed as “Visit Samal Island”. The campaign is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors by giving away free passports. These passports entitled visitors to avail discounts and freebies to tourism establishments in Samal Island.

The free passports will be given out to strategic areas like shopping malls and public terminals like the Davao International Airport Terminal and Ecoland Overland Transport Terminal. The free passports include information about hotel and resort accommodations and the different activities in Samal Island scheduled from March to May this year. The exciting activities include Miss Tourism Samal Island 2011, search for Miss Body Beautiful, kite-flying contests, culinary, frisbee and beach-volleyball competitions.

This is the first time that Samal Island holds such campaign. In the same development, the Local Government of the Island Garden City of Samal also declares March to May as Tourism Summer Months to entice more visitors to spend summer holidays on the island. With these marketing promotions, the Samal tourism sector is expected to gather a 20 to 30 percent increase in revenues.

The “Visit Samal Island” campaign is organized by the Local Government of the Island Garden City of Samal in partnership with the Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCoS) Tourism Council, Samal City Resort Association and the Department of Tourism.

5 Responses to “Island Garden City of Samal Launches “Visit Samal Island” Campaign”

  1. Great City Says:

    This is a good initiative to promote Samal Island as a tourists destination in this part of the Philippines. I will suggest that Samal Tourism office will make use of the Internet such as blogs and social media.

    Good start!

  2. MemyselfandI Says:

    Hello, any update on the environmental users fee (EUF) imposed by the Samal government? Is it still being implemented?

  3. admin Says:


    Based on Mindanao Times, Samal City will resume collection of environmental users fee next week.

    Thanks for visiting…

  4. Samal bahay kubo Says:

    Neither of the two Samal govt websites which show on the google search (visit Samal) work. They need to get this fixed asap!

  5. dine Says:

    To whom this may concern,

    I am expressing my concern about Samal’s environmental issues. I understand that life is very difficult for each and everyone, people has to make money to meet the daily needs in life, people has do what it takes to make a peso. What I have observed that the landowners in Samal are busy subdividing the areas into very small lots to sell to all types of people. Is there any regulation as to the size of lot to be allowed to put up a septic field or will there be any sewage system in the future to hold the waste products that will for sure pollute the environment? 150 SQM-200SQM lots are too small for a septic system to be installed.I think the government should think and plan for such tight regulation pertaining to environmental hazard and waste disposal.Thank you.

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