Island Garden City of Samal Nature Attractions

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Category: Davao Feautures Posted: Saturday, November 8th, 2008
Samal Island

Samal Island

The Island Garden City of Samal is a growing tourist destination in this part of Southern Philippines. The island offers features pristine white sand beaches and diverse natural attractions. The Island Garden City of Samal is a complete tourism package that visitors will surely enjoy.

Hereunder are just some of the nature attractions in the Island Garden City of Samal:

Coral Garden Marine Park

Located at Talikud Island, it is a place where you can find 53 out of 73 genera of corals usually found in the Philippines. It boosts 250 species of aquarium fishes and 9 out of 13 species of sea grasses found in the Philippines.

Puting Bato

Putting Bato is the highest peak in the Island of Samal. It stands 1,346 feet with treacherous limestone. Once you reach the summit, you can see the panoramic view of Davao Gulf.

Hagimit Falls

This falls features unique formation of rock. The falls is well-preserved as one can see beautiful forest along the river banks.

Bat Cave

This cave has a length of 1,800 meters that houses variety of bats. It also has an underground river.

Caracoles Festival

Usually held on the last week of April, it is the celebration of feast in the Island.
Caracoles Festival is a festivity of the bounties of the sea and the richness of the social and cultural heritage of the island city.

Mushroom Rock

Mushroom rock is a mushroom-shaped islet of above 10 meters in diameter. It is located in Kaputian, Samal.

Big Ligid Island

This island features green scenery and underwater cave.

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  1. Tom Says:

    Hi! We’re planning of spending the next weekend in Samal. Could you suggest a good but cheaper place for us to stay. Does the island offers free wi-fi?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Tom! Nice to hear your plan 🙂 I have sent you an e-mail. Please check 🙂

  3. Albert Says:

    Nice post tom! I truly agree that Samal is one of fastest growing tourist destination in Southern Part of the Philippines.

    By the way if you have some time please visit my site also to find more affordable and best beaches in samal island.

  4. kathleen Says:

    hello, can u share how to enjoy Samal with a cheaper cost; from the accomadation down to activities. Im planning to spend a week there, i would like to know how much it cost me to stay and enjoy there together with my family. And by the way, what are the exciting activities in samal? tnx (“,)

  5. shehr Says:

    Hi, we’re planning to go to Samal, I’m from Davao , 3 friends from manila will be with me, Can u suggest some places to go have some fun and relaxing, I am an OFW, I am only familiar with Paradise Island . Thanks

  6. admin Says:

    @ Shehr,

    I sent you an email containing the list of places you can visit. Enjoy your vacation!

  7. anne Says:

    Good day!
    I’m going to Samal Island this October. I Just want to ask where is the cheaper place to stay with Wi-Fi connection. Thanks!

  8. anne Says:

    And also as list of place to go to and the cost or fee in every places that were going to…

  9. Chong Says:

    We will be at Samal this May 10. Please help us find a good hotel yet cheaper good for 8 person. Thanks

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