Kadayawan Festival: The Queen of All Festivals

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Category: Davao Feautures Posted: Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Davao City is celebrating annually a festival of all festivals where flowers, fruits and talents are abundant and cultural heritage is empowered. Kadayawan Festival is one of its kind. Tourists are attracted to visit Davao City during this season which fall every 3rd week of August. This long week celebration is a picturesque of a united and blessed City of Davao. Foreigners from different nation visit Davao to join this spectacular event. Indeed, their experience will remain and vividly remembered as they go home.

This years’ theme is “Musanay Lumadnong Kagikan, Yutang Kabilin Panalipdan! ’’. And Davao is commemorating its 23rd Kadayawan Festival. The program showcases the beautiful blessings and best talents of Davao City. The Kadayawan Festival showcases indigenous peoples’ culture and arts.  Every night is a big night t reckon with. Concerts, streets parties and delicious foods are corner to corner. Tribal dance contest that reflects the culture of the inhabitants of Davao City like Manobo tribe, Kalayan tribe and Mandaya. Brilliant and colorful costumes worn were given justice as they glide and dance to the live music of the drums; tambourine, kulintang and other traditional instruments.

Indak-indak is the highlight of the celebration, represented by the different schools and groups from different far flung places surrounding Davao City. Colorful costumes, danceable music and synchronized movement that would really entice your eyes. Hence, every participant exert effort to win the cash prize and be bagged as the best among the bests.
On the following day, is the floral float parade, the amazing beautiful flowers and the sweet tasty fruit that only overflows in Davao City. The waling-waling (orchid) is the queen of all flowers stricken your eyes which the different varieties originated in Davao. The float parade symbolizes the bountiful harvest that is participated by the different companies and business establishments. The parae is delegated by government and non-government unit, public and private institutions companies, guest politicians, celebrities and different tribal groups.
This festival is another milestone for Davao City. A step going further another journey amidst crisis and yet trudging on and Kadayawan Festival is a way to realize this vision.

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  1. jeric capul Says:

    Truly Kadayawan sa Dabaw beautiful and the most unique festival in the philippines..

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