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Davao Central 911

In this photo - Davao Central 911 Ambulances

The Davao City Central 911 is a fully integrated, computerized emergency response system that links the residents of Davao to the emergency resources of the city government. It is patterned after the emergency dispatch system in the United States and Canada. It enables residents of Davao City to call for emergency services by simply dialing 911 on any land line or mobile phone. Central 911 is said to be first 911 emergency response system in Asia.

The Davao Central Communication and Emergency Response Center was established last September 27, 2002 in partnership with the Davao Light and Power Company. Initially, the Central 911 through the initiative of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte begun with only 34 mobile units with the call center in service for the enforcement of laws. Central 911 is composed of fire auxiliary, k9 units, urban search and rescue, police and emergency medical services. Last 2009, he City Government of Davao has provided more equipment for Davao Central 911 to further render service to the people of the city.

In 2002, the Davao Central 911 received a total of 4,026 calls. To sum up from 2003 to 2008, a total of 38,262 calls were catered and had responded. Majority of the calls are related to emergency with 24 percent and followed law enforcement with 74 percent. The other services comprised the remaining 2 percent.

The Davao Central 911 is equipped with Emergency Computer Aided Dispatch or ECAD, a computerized mapping system given by the Davao Light and Power Company in support of the peace and order drive. This mapping system helps authorities locate the origin of a particular call.

Two patrol cars are to be dispensed in each police station with built-in radio station. The Davao Central 911 is a reflection that taxes are working and been using properly and is given back to the people of Davao City.

With Central 911, it enables public safety agency to respond to any emergency cases in a more effective way.

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  1. Rajib M. Amerkhan Says:

    Having the central 911 here in Davao City is very amazing because it would give an immediate action to the needs of the people specifically in emergency cases…this would make the peoples lives more protected and safe.

  2. kidna-resue Says:

    My wish list for Central 911:

    1. Helicopter
    2. More rubber boats

  3. yazchime Says:

    I wonder if there is any written document talking about the lives of Davao 911 personnel. How do they manage their time at home, in recreational and in the field of duty?

  4. Ryden Says:

    My prayers for Davao 911 is to have helicopters in the coming years.

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