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Category: Davao Feautures Posted: Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
people's park Davao

People's Park Davao

Davao City is the business center in the Southern part of the Philipines. With a land area around 2,443.61 hectares, it is considered as one of the largest cities in the world. Davao is also famous for its picturestique landscape and exotic flowers and fruits.

Davao is just 25 minutes away by air from Manila. Davao City has an international airport which handles both local and international flights.  The water in Davao is considered as the second  best water in the world. The literacy rate of Davao is in the high 90’s which is comparable to the rest of Asian cities.

Davao also hosts modern and well-equipped hospitals and other public utilities. The people of Davao enjoy typhoon-free climate. The temperature usually ranges from 27 to 29 degree Celsius. There is no distinct dry and wet season. During the months of March and April, people usually go to highland resorts and beaches to cool off. You can tour around Davao City using public jeepney and taxi.

The city of Davao has one of the lowest crime rate in the Philippines and has an integrated response network known as the Central 911 capable of responding to any emergency situation.

Hereunder are the harvests of Davao for the past years:

  • One of the Most liveable Cities in Asia
  • Cleanest and Greenest Highly Urbanized City in the Philippines
  • One of the Best Water in the World (WHO standard)
  • Most Child-friendly City.
  • Destination of the year
  • Best Peace and Order Council
  • Best City Police Office in the Philippines
  • One of the Most Competitive Cities in the Philippines to do Business
  • One of the Top Ten Outstanding Program in Mainstreaming Gender and Development
  • Special Citation on Gender-responsiveness Governance Trailblazing Program from the National Government

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