People’s Park Davao: A Piece of Nature at the Heart of the City

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Category: Davao Tourism Posted: Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
Davao Peoples Park

Peoples Park in Davao

When visiting Davao City, don’t ever miss to jump off to People’s Park to make your visit a remarkable and a complete one. The park is accord after the 843-acre Central Park in New York City, United States of America. This is a joint venture of the private sectors and the local government of Davao. It is the park in Region 11 with a grandest view and provides a maximum security measures for all tourists, visitors and locals. The area is flooded with visitors especially during weekends and holidays. One can enjoy its scenic view with hundreds of trees, flowers and plants in the vicinity.

This park will soon become as a landmark of the city in the years to come. To mention is the planned 18 Million Peso dancing fountain that will be implemented after the May election. This fountain showcases synchronized movement of the water jets accompanied with the music and lights in different colors.

Peoples Park Davao

Works of Kublai Milan are shown in this photo.

People’s Park Davao is bombarded by numerous individuals. This man–made attraction is well maintained and nurtured. Lots of park securities are from time to time patrolling and providing safety to all visitors. Monitoring cameras are installed to keep it safe and secured and to avoid illicit activities inside the premises. This multi-million project of the Davao City government is a way of bringing nature and embraced with it right in the very heart of the city. The four–hectare area is covered with more than 1,000 species of trees and wild plants from Madagascar, Borneo, Indonesia, Cambodia, Central America, Papua New Guinea, dark rain forests of Africa and the Philippines. The 10,000 square meters part of the land area are planted with plants. The Ayala family has donated most of the trees in the park. If all these trees and plants grow huge and tall, one can definitely experience like you’ve inside an authentic forest.

The People’s Park attractions are its strategically scenic benches, playground, grand landscaped waterfall, gardens, trees, traditional cottages and amazing sculptures of Kublai Milan, one of Davao’s prides who also created freedom statue fronting the city Council building.

Peoples Park Davao

People's Park Davao at night

Upon entering the park, a 425 square meter visitors’ center welcomes you and entice your eyes with its roof designed with spiky skin that looks like a gigantic durian. At the center of the oval is a dancing fountain which is said to be the first in Davao and a bridge that lets you see the whole area.

The name itself- “People’s Park” lead us to give credits to the person who gave its name, Mr. Romeo Sardon. Among the 918 entries submitted, his entry was chosen and has won Php 50,000 cash prize.

Since the opening of People’s Park, countless number of visitors not only from Davao but from other provinces are flocking at this Park and enjoy the beauty of nature at the heart of the city. Who could imagine that you can find a place that is ecologically balanced in the center in one of the world’s largest cities- Davao City.

The People’s Park of Davao City is now one of the tourist attractions in the Region. If you want to be with nature, make People’s Park as one of your destinations not only in this summer but all throughout the year.

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  1. flory Says:

    4 my first time in Davao city is so so so nice…….
    In a way na ayaw sa Davao ko na gustong mnirhan…
    I love Davao City… I swear…….

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Flory! It’s really nice to hear that. 🙂

  3. radz Says:

    Davao is the most wonderful place I have ever found.

  4. Christine Says:

    It’s such a nice place 🙂 very romantic at night too, with love songs played and the colorful lights and nice ambiance around.

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