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Davao City to Implement Stricter Anti-Smoking Ordinance

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Category: Davao News Posted: Monday, April 22nd, 2013

A stricter anti-smoking ordinance will soon be implemented in Davao City. This is in connection with the approval of the expanded anti-smoking law or ordinance no. 0367-12 of Davao City.
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Davao City Anti-smoking Ordinance Recognized

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Category: Davao News Posted: Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

No Smoking Sign

No Smoking Sign

Davao City has been recognized by the US-based Global Smokefree Partnership for its anti-smoking effort for a smoke-free environment. Davao was the only city awardee along with countries like Colombia, Turkey, India and Guatemala.

The Global Smokefree Partnership is an organization formed to promote effective smoke-free air policies around the world.

The ordinance was implemented in November 2002 with the aim to regulate smoking in public establishments around Davao city. After a successful implementation of the ordinance, the city received much attention here and abroad as it is a landmark ordinance for the city and has influenced other cities to formulate the same policy. So far, the anti-smoking task force has approved only nine smoking rooms in the city.

According to Dr. Domilyn Villareiz of the Anti-Smoking Task Force, the recorded number lung cancer cases has been decreasing since the policy started. Villareiz also added that the mortality rate of lung cancer significantly dropped from 118 cases in 2008 to 38 in 2009. About ninety percent of them were heavy smokers and smoke one to two packs per day. There are data that are coming out that show smoking-related illnesses will soon become the number one killer in the Philippines.

The Anti-smoking Task Force believes that there is no conflict between business and anti-smoking. The ordinance is not a treat to business or tourism. But rather it is for welfare of the general public. The anti-smoking ordinate does not only help improve the health of the people but also improves the cleanliness of air and streets of Davao.

With the successful implementation of the anti-smoking ordinance, Davao has become an interesting destination for orientations on a smoke-free city. There has been an increasing number of visitors from other cities in the Philippines and other countries like Vietnam, Bangkok and Singapore who have come here to observe how the city government implements the anti-smoking ordinance. In seven years since the ordinance implemented, there were a total of 9,244 violators have been apprehended.

Aside from the anti-smoking ordinance, the city is also upholds firecracker ban and strictly implements liquor ban which starts at 2 in the morning.

Davao City also gains recognition from the South East Asia Tobacco Central Alliance for its extensive campaign on anti-smoking.