Various Investments Eyed for Davao City

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Category: Business Posted: Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

There are several foreign investors that are currently looking at Davao City for possible investments according to the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Incorporated or DCCII. This positive news came after the group participated in the 7th World Chambers Congress in Mexico City last June this year.

Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industries Inc. (DCCCII), Davao City Government and the Department of Trade and Industry are also gearing up for the first investment conference in August that aims to promote Davao City’s potential investment areas. The first investment conference already earned support by many foreign nationals residing in Davao. In the same development, DCCCII is already preparing the proposal for the first Asian ferryboat project that aims to connect Davao City with Singapore with the participation of both local and foreign investors.

Notable expected investments on the way are the planned Japanese retirement haven in Mintal by a Japanese company and the construction of a theme park and a marina at Sta. Ana wharf. Other investors are expected to pour investment in the transportation sector like the long-span or double-decker buses project and a fast craft transport system that will be servicing Davao Gulf region.

Tourism and real estate property developments were among the top investments in Davao City in the first quarter of 2011. Davao City is hoping to capture investments in the areas of light manufacturing, recreation and sports facilities, agri-business and food-processing.

3 Responses to “Various Investments Eyed for Davao City”

  1. Davao Business Directory Says:

    More investors, more jobs. Thumbs up to Davao!

  2. paterno s. padilla,jr. Says:

    I just hope na matuloy ito baka naman kasi puro plano lang wala sa gawa like what happened sa samal bridge, coastal road, LRT, sports complex. Mahirap magplano na wala pa lang perang gagastusin.

  3. nanding Says:

    After peace and order, sana infra projects na naman, more infrastructure projects, more investor to comes… mark my word… LGU SHOULD LOOK into this…

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